​​Hiring a newborn photographer can be daunting and confusing.  There are many factors to consider such as photography style, finances, location and others.  I recommend that the most important thing to consider is the safety of your baby at the session.  There are currently no regulations in place for photographers who handle newborn babies.  I want to assure parents who hire me to photograph their baby that I have many years of experience handling babies and children.  Before I became a professional photographer I was an ultrasound technologist for 25 years.  I have worked with thousands of infant and pediatric patients and have had to safely handle all of those patients.  I am also certified in basic life support which includes infant and pediatric cpr.

Another important consideration is immunizations.  I am up to date on immunizations that are recommended for anyone who works closely with infants and children.  This includes the Tdap vaccine which covers tetanus, diptheria and whooping cough.  I also receive a flu and pneumonia vaccine yearly.  

​Safety in posing a newborn should always be the photographer's priority.  There are many trendy poses and props that many parents see on sites such as Pinterest.  Many of the poses that you see are composite images that require the assistance of several pairs of hands.  I ask parents for assistance in these cases, however if at any time I feel that a requested pose or prop compromises the safety of the baby I will not do it.  If at anytime I feel the baby is not comfortable in a particular pose I will move on to a different pose.  The baby's comfort is the top priority during a photo session.  There are many different poses that can be achieved safely and comfortably for your infant and I have many choices which enable me to capture a classic, beautiful portrait of your newborn.

I have attended several Creative Live workshops on Newborn posing and safety taught by Kelly Brown and Julia Kelleher.  These were an excellent source of reenforcement of newborn safety practices. 

Your newborn has been brought safely into this world and into your arms.  This is life's ultimate miracle.  Please make sure that the photographer you choose takes every precaution to protect your little miracle during your time together preserving this very short time in your child's life with a portrait you will cherish forever.