Pre-session consultation

Boutique Studio

This is one of the most beautiful times of your life.  Taking the opportunity to have a Maternity photo session with Baby Gaga Photography will capture that beauty in a timeless portrait.

Maternity portraits can be done between 32 and 38 weeks of pregnancy.


Baby Gaga Photography is owned and operated by Jeanne Gray Amato.  She  offers clients a personal experience in having portraits taken in a boutique setting.   The day of your photo session belongs to you.  You will be welcomed to the studio and made comfortable in a private setting.   You will never be rushed and your session  will be planned  to reflect the vision you have for  you, your baby and family.

Pre-session consultations are done approximately 4 weeks prior to the photo session date.  It is at this time that we discuss what the client is looking for in the way of style of photography,  color pallets and so on.   The idea is to combine  your vision  with our creative talent

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Since Newborn Babies change so rapidly it is recommended that they be photographed between 5 and 10 days of age.  

Please read the Newborn Safety page for more information on Newborn Photo Sessions.